Island Siege Second Edition

Created by APE Gamer

A card game of colonization in the West Indies. Build forts and buildings, and send your ships to lay siege to the enemy!

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Island Siege Production Update
18 days ago – Sun, Oct 04, 2020 at 10:56:11 PM

Island Siege Kickstarter Edition Assembly Video

It's time for another update! 

Production is complete, and they're working on final assembly. They made this video to get packing approval. I've asked them to put the three coin packs into another plastic bag to avoid jostling and to give you a place to keep the coins after you remove them from their original packaging.

The K sticker will be added to the outside of the shrink wrap.

The games should be ready to ship to fulfillment centers shortly The next update I post will include freight tracking info so you can follow the ships across the seven seas!

Production Proof Pictures
about 2 months ago – Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 07:42:34 PM

I teased you in with an update earlier this week that showed the production proof package which arrived via DHL. I'm happy to be able to show you more pictures of what's inside!

Box top with Kickstarter sticker (outside shrink wrap)

The box has some black ink spilled on it. I need to ensure that's not a problem with all games. Also, the Island Siege logo on the top of the box creates a box that's lighter than the rest of the background. It's hard to see, but it needs to be fixed.

Box Bottom

The Components list is missing the two Monuments boards. I also don't like the heavy shadow on the logo here. Since we need to update the box top we will also fix these issues on the box bottom. Note that your game won't come with punchboard coins, but rather metal coins. The punchboard coins are for the retail version of the game.

Inside of the box

The box will support metal coins (even extra metal coins and dice) and sleeved cards.

Island Siege Dice

The fourth die looks easily differentiated here, but under bright light conditions it can be a little harder to tell the difference. This is a minor problem since all the dice are the same, and it doesn't matter which ones you roll. But if it is an easy fix, we'll make the fourth die a little darker.

Island Siege cubes

The stones are good. I'm being super-picky, but under bright light it can be a little hard to differentiate gray and white. I am talking about this with the factory but will probably not change it.

Player meeples - colonists and ships

No problems here - they look great!

Imperial board

Note that the ship fits nicely into the dock on the two-layer board and three meeples fit easily into each of the sections on the right. The 'quarry' on the lower left holds the stones. Overall it looks fantastic. The only possible change here might be to make the quarry slightly smaller so that there's more room for glue between the layers on the left and bottom.

95 cards

The cards cards look great!

Monument boards

The monument boards are two-sided. The reverse side of the boards can be used to hold the general supply stones when not playing Monuments.

Metal Coins

The coins are still being produced. The Campaign Coins team wasn't 100% happy with the finish on the '10' coins, and so are creating replacements. These are scheduled to be complete on September 10th.


We were slated to ship in October. I think that's still possible for some parts of the world - Asia and Australia/New Zealand. But for the rest of us, it will probably be November.

Look what came from DHL today!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 12:09:20 AM

I know it looks like a kilo of white powder, but it's actually a production proof for Island Siege! I've got lots of component pictures and will put together a comprehensive post later this week and show it all to you!

Quick Update: Island Siege Production Status
2 months ago – Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 11:13:19 AM

Printing is scheduled to complete by the end of August. At that point I will get proofs and if I approve them they factory will begin final assembly. The Campaign Coins are also on schedule for the end of August. They will be sent to the printer prior to assembly.

In summary, everything is moving along on schedule!

Island Siege Production Update
4 months ago – Sat, Jul 04, 2020 at 08:46:20 PM

It's past time for a quick update.

You'll be happy to hear that all of the art has been uploaded to the printer. They created proofs, and I have reviewed them and returned comments. I just had a couple of questions, not changes, so I don't expect delays.

At the same time, I have given coin counts and set distributions to Campaign Coins for them to begin production.

Happy July 4th holiday to backers in the US!